Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pumpkin Kindergarten Math Activities

It's finally turning into FALL weather around here, and I just love it.  Spinner math is always a hit in my Kindergarten classroom.  It's easy, predictable, changeable for the seasons, and accomplishes a few different math concepts.

For students who need basic one-to-one counting practice, I use this spinner activity.  Paper clips are the easiest {and cheapest!} spinners.  The students spin the spinner, say the number, and then draw that many pumpkin seeds on the space provided.  They keep spinning, counting, and drawing until all of the boxes are full.  I've included basic 1-5 counting for the beginning learners and then up to 10 for the higher learners.

In Kindergarten, students are expected to master addition up to 5.  But I find that many of my students are ready to go beyond that.  So I made addition up to 5 and addition up to 10 so that I can differentiate for my students.

I've done the same with subtraction.  Some students are just ready for more, and I never want to hold them back.  I often let the students determine which one they want to use.  They know when something is too easy or too hard, and I want to help them be willing to accept a challenge when needed.  I often ask them, "Did you do the most learning that you could?" It helps to keep them responsible for doing their best!

You can find this quick and easy resource in my TPT Store.  Click here to go to the item.
Happy Pumpkin and fall fun, everyone!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Back to School Gift for Students

The new school year has just started, and I'm so blessed with my sweet little group of Kindergarten students.  I made a back to school gift for them that I gave them at Meet the Teacher night.  I got so much positive feedback from the parents, so I thought I would share it with you.  I love that it combines my love for dōTERRA products and a sweet gift for my kinders.

First, my daughters helped me to make these essential oil infused crayons. It was a great way to use up all of those end of the year leftover crayons.  But HOLY SMOKES...when was the last time you tried to remove paper from Crayola crayons?  Man what a task and sore fingers later!

We broke up the crayons and then put the small pieces into the silicone mold.   Baked them in a 250* oven for about 10 minutes.  When we took them out, we added 1 - yep, JUST ONE - drop of essential oil to the melted wax.  Since we had three different molds, we chose a different oil for each one.  We chose Spearmint, Citrus Bliss, and Lavender.

The other part of their gift was a fun little spray.  We called it "Jitter Juice" and told the students to spray it on their pillow the night before Kindergarten to get all of the first day jitters out.  The parents loved it, and the students were excited to tell me how their "magic spray" worked.  Here's how we made this simple spray.

I first bought these bottles at Target.  They were in their travel section, and they are 3-ounce bottles.  In the future, I would probably order these from Amazon.  They are a little bit smaller and are cheaper, too.  Here are the ones from Target.  They had colored ones, as well.

I also got a pack of marbles from Target's Dollar Spot.  This was just to add something fun to the bottle when the students shake them up.  We put two in each bottle, and I love that we were actually able to find green and gold, our school colors!

Next we added three drops of Balance oil and three drops of Serenity.  Balance is great for mood support and calming of anxious feelings.  Serenity is also calming and helps with sleep.  So both of these are great for the night before school!

Finally, we topped it off with distilled water and then put our label on.  The label can be downloaded here.  It says, "Spray this on your pillow the night before Kindergarten to get out all of the jitters."  I just printed it on regular paper and adhered with double-sided tape.  It was just easier than trying to match it up to a label size.

We put the crayons and the Jitter Juice in a clear loot bag from Dollar Tree.  We first put some paper shred in the bottom of the bag, then added the crayons and the spray. Tied them off with some twine, and they were ready for my sweet students.

What do you like to give your students as a back to school gift?

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale!


Oh man oh man!  I always look forward to the time when I can move things from my "Wish List" to my "Cart" during the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale.  I've got a few resources ready to move over on Tuesday.

This sale runs Tuesday and Wednesday, May 7-8, 2019.

I {Vonda} just posted this brand new resource that would be a fun little activity to help your littles get through the end of the school year.  Just print and go!  There is a recording sheet included, if you want to use it as an assessment or send it home to show what your students did during Math Center time.

So...start shopping!

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Monday, April 29, 2019

DJ Inkers Giveaway

It's no secret that I LOVE DJ Inkers clip art and fonts.  DJ Inkers was the very first clip art that I purchased, and let's just say that it started an obsession!  Their clip art images are cute, clear, crisp, and easy to use.  I love that color and black and white images are included in most of the download.  They also include .png and .jpg files, so the options are endless.  Let me tell you about some of my favorites:

Alphabet Clip Art

This set is absolutely perfect for any type of alphabet activity.  I used it to make my letter visuals that I post in my room above my white board.  The students refer to them daily.  I made the small set to use in my Teacher Time small groups.  They are perfect for quick review while they wait for their next activity!  This set includes the long vowels, as well.  Click here to take a closer look at this product.

Graduation Clip Art

I love that my school still does a Kindergarten Graduation celebration.  We call it our Kindergarten Celebration of Learning, but they still wear the caps and gowns.  Man...are those sweeties ADORABLE in their graduation outfits.  So this clip art is perfect for the Kindergarten crowd.  I use it to make our programs and to add graphics to our slide show.

School Stuff Clip Art

This set is also one that is an often go-to for me.  There are so many school-friendly images.  I found it a simple and quick addition to my CVC Journal pages.  Lots and lots of choices.

Community Bears

Who doesn't love a cute bear?  I used many of these bears for my Bernie the Bear traveling bear project {freebie for you!}.  My Kindergarten students go BONKERS for our class Build-a-Bear.  We let the bear travel from home to home for a week, and the students have tons of fun with him/her.  Yep - the bear "gets a bath" very often so as not to share germs or little critters.  The memories that they make with this bear are always priceless.

There are so many other options.  You MUST go check them out.  Click here to go to my DJ Inkers home page and to shop around.  Don't forget to check out their amazing fonts.  I find myself using them all the time!  They are also true type fonts, so you can use them with your Cricut or Silhouette.  BONUS!!

Here is an added treat for you.  DJ Inkers is hosting a Teacher Appreciation sale.  Everything is on sale May 2-8.  Check it out!!

To sweeten the deal even more, DJ Inkers is offering to give away two $10 gift certificates for anything on their site!  Awesome.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Planting Seeds of Bible Truths

It's no secret that I love teaching in a Christian school.  One of my favorite aspects of that is when the students really "get" a Biblical truth.  We studied the Parable of the Sower found in Matthew 13.  To help my students understand and visualize how our attitude and our heart can affect how we apply God's Word, we planted seeds.

First, Jesus told about the hard ground.  This represents a heart and attitude that is not ready to received God's messages.  The birds {Satan} came and stole the seeds {God's messages} away.  So we planted some seeds in "hard ground," aka an empty plastic tube.  We watered them each day.  Just as you would suspect, nothing happened.

Next, Jesus told about the ground that was full of rocks.  The seeds grew a little, but the rocks prevented them from growing very big.  At first, we may be ready to hear and act upon God's messages.  But over time, we allow things to come into our lives to take the place of what is most important.  We planted some seeds in dirt that was mixed with marbles {our rocks}.  With the same watering each day, the seeds grew a little.  But the sprouts did not seem healthy and strong.

Jesus also talked about the ground that was full of thorns.  The thorns choke out the seed's growth and prevent them from being healthy.  The students started discussing what things they could let take the place of having an attitude that is ready for God's Word.  I was blown away by their depth of thought and how they were really taking the lesson to heart.  "Sometimes I think getting my own way is more important than being kind."  "When my mom reminds me to not be selfish with my money, I get mad because I want to buy some candy." Wow - my list could go on and on.  We only had three tubes, so we did not plant seeds in the thorny ground.  But you can only imagine how that would have turned out.

Finally, Jesus talked about the seeds that were planted in the rich soil that was ready for new life.  Of course, these seeds flourished, and their plants grew big and strong.  So we planted some seeds in plain potting soil, nothing to interfere or get in the way.  The students were amazed to come into class after the weekend to see how much those seeds had grown.  The only difference from the others was what was in the soil.

Combining Bible truths with a science lesson = GOLDEN!

Click here to get a free download of the worksheet that goes with this Bible lesson.