Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pumpkin Kindergarten Math Activities

It's finally turning into FALL weather around here, and I just love it.  Spinner math is always a hit in my Kindergarten classroom.  It's easy, predictable, changeable for the seasons, and accomplishes a few different math concepts.

For students who need basic one-to-one counting practice, I use this spinner activity.  Paper clips are the easiest {and cheapest!} spinners.  The students spin the spinner, say the number, and then draw that many pumpkin seeds on the space provided.  They keep spinning, counting, and drawing until all of the boxes are full.  I've included basic 1-5 counting for the beginning learners and then up to 10 for the higher learners.

In Kindergarten, students are expected to master addition up to 5.  But I find that many of my students are ready to go beyond that.  So I made addition up to 5 and addition up to 10 so that I can differentiate for my students.

I've done the same with subtraction.  Some students are just ready for more, and I never want to hold them back.  I often let the students determine which one they want to use.  They know when something is too easy or too hard, and I want to help them be willing to accept a challenge when needed.  I often ask them, "Did you do the most learning that you could?" It helps to keep them responsible for doing their best!

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Happy Pumpkin and fall fun, everyone!

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