Monday, September 3, 2018

Schoology - MEDIA ALBUMS

It's #BacktoSchoology time!

Media Albums in Schoology are such a useful, and sometimes under-utilized tool.  When I first started using Schoology, Media Albums were simply the place where I would post our field trip and class party pictures.  I didn't have to send them individually to parents.  Parents already had their Schoology log in, so it was easy access for them.  Parents could also save them to their own device.  **I always made sure to over-remind them never to post photos of children other than their own on social media without permission from that child's parents.  SAFETY FIRST!** 

While all of those reasons were great, I've since learned that Media Albums can be used for so much more!  Here are a few tips for using Media Albums in your Schoology account.

Media Albums can be used in a Schoology Course or Group.  It just depends on your audience and what your purpose for the album is.   Simply select "Albums" on the left side menu, then select "Add Album."  The steps to go through are pretty self-explanatory, rather you are doing it from a device using the app or from a computer using the online version.  Schoology has made it very easy!

In my Parent Group, I usually add field trip photos from my phone using the app.  It's a great thing to do on the bus ride home to help pass the time.  My sweet Kinders usually fall asleep on the ride home.  Parents love that they can see the photos from the day if they were unable to chaperone the event.  Plus, it helps me to have all of my pictures in one easy location when I want to do our end of the year slide show.

It is also a good idea to put photos of your classroom reference anchor charts in your Parent Group.  I post these in my Student Course, as well.  But since my students are so young, the Parent Group is helpful for parents to access, if needed.  This will come in handy when students are on vacation, and I want them to work on a specific Reading or Writing strategy.

Students can add items to their own Portfolio while in their Course.  At our school, parents are able to view their own student's information, but not information or comments from other students in the class. Be sure to check your school's privacy settings on this.  Portfolios can be shared teacher to teacher, so it could easily be something that travels with the child each year. This opens up an endless amount of possibilities!

Save this graphic for a few more ideas for how to use Media Albums.  Let us know how you like to use them in your class!  Using Schoology, a tool that I already know and love, in these new ways makes Back to School even easier!

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