Sunday, August 19, 2018

Parenting Perspectives - Parenting Your Powerful Child

Have you ever felt like you spend a lot of time counseling parents on various parenting things...or at least that you wish you could spend time doing that?  Katy and I are both parents, in different stages of our parenting "career," but we certainly don't ever claim to have it all together.  What we do have is some great people in our lives to help, guide, and point us to really helpful resources.  We want to share some of those great resources with you.  You can use them personally or share them with parents of your students that you feel may benefit from them.  A few of the resources may be faith-based, as we are both very strong in our faith.  But, they are still AMAZING resources even without the faith-portion, if that is something that you prefer.  Positive Parenting Perspectives are solid no matter what your faith foundation may be.  So welcome to our very first PARENTING PERSPECTIVE.

This summer, I was getting ready for a long flight, so I wanted to download some podcasts from Focus on the Family.  I have always loved anything by Kevin Leman, so I was excited to see that he had a newer book as well as a podcast.  Here is a link to the podcasts that I listened to:  Parenting Your Powerful Child Part 1 and Parenting Your Powerful Child Part 2.  I loved the first part so much that I had to listen to it again, just to take in all of the goodness.  When we got home from our vacation, my husband got the Audio book to listen to in the car, and I got the regular book to read.  It is a quick read, but is full of so many great things.

In this book, Leman talks about all types of children - not just the "strong-willed" ones that seem to get such a bad rap.  His premise is that pretty much every child is a powerful child...even the quiet ones.  So how do we as parents - and teachers! - meet the needs of those children without sacrificing the emotional well-being of others in our family?

Here are just a few nuggets from the book, but I highly recommend you checking it out for yourself.  I plan to share some of these things with my Kindergarten parents as needed throughout the year!

This is just the beginning page, but I find myself thinking about it often!

"Every family has a powerful child...or two.  Some are easy to pick out -- you can hear them from way down the block.  Others you may not recognize as powerful, but they're master manipulators.  But you, smart parent that you are, can learn how to transform your child's power surges into positive urges that will benefit everyone in your family (and a whole lot of other grateful people in your child's world too). 
 Parenting Your Powerful Child, forward.

As teachers and parents, we all desire for our children to be successful, kind, contributing members to their community.  Dr. Leman reminds us why it is important to start when children are young - start where you want to end!  But don't just stop with these few things.  Get the book!  The examples and scenarios that he lists are priceless!  All of these examples are just from the first few chapters...but I had to stop somewhere.  

Enjoy parenting and teaching your powerful child!

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