Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Daily 5 Station Rotation Management

I've spent some time this summer re-thinking how I manage my students as they rotate through their Daily 5 stations.  I've used a variety of methods, and I'm hoping this is THE ONE to keep things simple this year.   My Kindergarten students do one station a day for four days a week.  The stations that I use are Listen to Reading, Read to Self, Word Work, and Work on Writing.  Read with a Partner doesn't always happen in my class because of our time constraint {I teach half-day Kindergarten}.  But I have high hopes to eventually be able to do it!  I do not have Work with the Teacher as a listed station because I pull different students each day, depending on what I am working on in our small group time.

My groups for stations always stay the same.  I teach them that this is their FAMILY...and you don't choose or leave your family.  :)  Because I want to have students at all levels in each of the groups, I don't typically start these official groups until the second or third week of school.  We do stations, but I "hand-pick" them for their activities in the beginning so that I can learn their personalities and abilities.  So far, after 3 years of doing it this way, it has worked great!

These charts will go around the room where the station activities are located.  The names are printed on card stock, laminated, and a velcro dot put on the back.  Each day, I will move the names to the next station around the room.  The velcro dots will make it easy to change them.  You could also laminate the signs and write on them each day.   My students stay at their station/activity for the full 20 minute time.  If it is something that they finish early, they have several choice "Can Do" stations available for them.  The 20 minutes usually gives me time for 2 small groups to come and meet with me.  It's worked great so far!

How do you run Daily 5 in your classroom?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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