Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Flexible Seating in Kindergarten

Flexible seating seems to be all the rage right now in education, and for good reason.  I have been a long-term fan of alternative seating.  My Kindergarten class has used only ball chairs {see this post} for the last several years.  But alternative seating, although great, is still not flexible.  I have always been fine for students to choose to stand, or sit on the floor with a clipboard, if they preferred.  But I did not offer official, flexible, alternatives.


This is my first year to try flexible seating.  I'm thankful to have a Principal who is fully on board.  He didn't even ask why...just gave the green light (and even a little funding!) to go ahead.  I have the summer to put my "plan" together.  I posted the plan on Instagram, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it actually rolls out.

A few of my thoughts/concerns/questions are the following:

  • Will Kindergarten students understand choice?
  • How can I help them decide on their best learning environment?
  • Should I offer choice at the beginning or start with rotating assignments?
  • Will they leave their things all over the room?
Here is what I plan to buy this summer.  I'm looking forward to shopping and putting it all together now that I have the budget approval!

Station 1:  4 flip top desks and colorful plastic chairs
I saw these chairs and Costco, and they seem sturdy enough.  At $14 each, they seem like a great deal.  Plus, they are lightweight so that the students can move them around, if needed.

Station 2:  Regular circular table w/ 4 of my current ball chairs
These chairs have been amazing over the last few years, and I only expect that to continue.  I wish I could post a link for the exact ones that I have, but I've been told they have been discontinued.  But there are many other great options out there!

Station 3:  Rocker chairs w/ lap desks and/or clipboards
I've seen so many people posting about Big Lots having these, but my store has yet to have them.  Fingers are crossed, though!  However, Amazon has a pretty good deal on them.  I just want to be able to choose my colors so that I can be sure they match my classroom color scheme.  I'm so picky that way!  I am also planning to find the lap desks at Michaels.  They are only $6.99, which isn't too bad.  But I'll either be using coupons or watching for a sale! I will also be getting some more pencil supply caddies to help corral the supplies.  I'm still planning for students to have their own canvas zipper pouch with their pencil, scissors, glue stick, and crayons.  But markers and colored pencils will go in these caddies to go around the room, as needed.

Station 4:  Regular circular table w/ tall legs for standing
Every year, I have a few students who prefer to stand.  This is an easy fix - just raise the legs of our existing student tables, and VOILA!

Station 5:  Regular circular table w/ short legs for sitting on the floor with pillows
This is the main one that I'm unsure about, but we will see how it goes!

Bonus:  Another bean bag chair, loveseat, or two other types of chairs.  I already have one bean bag chair, and the students really love to read on that one.  We will see what I can find!

I'd love to hear your thoughts or questions.  We can work through this together! 

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