Thursday, February 16, 2017

Arctic Room Flip

Vonda here!

My Kindergarten class and I just finished up our Polar/Arctic Animal unit.  We had so much fun learning about the animals, their habitat, and how they survive in such extreme conditions.  I've been wanting to do a Room Flip all year, and this was the perfect time to try it out.

For some reason, the video wouldn't play on the blog.  So sad!!  To view the video, just check out our Instagram page, @teachertipsandtidbits.  Here are the details:

Igloo Entrance:
I love having two daughters that are so willing to help me with fun projects in my classroom.  My middle school daughter did this igloo entrance all on her own.  It's just several rows of paper chains hung together to make an igloo.  She put snowflakes from Dollar Tree on it, too.

Glacier Walls {not pictured, but in the video}:
The trickiest part of the room flip, but also the biggest WOW factor when the students walked in, was the Glacier Walls.  I took white plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree and taped them to my ceiling lights that hang down just a bit.  When the students were in the room, they were surrounded on two sides by white walls, white lights, and snowflakes.  They thought it was the COOLEST thing ever!

Polar Animal Ocean:
Those same two daughters really come in handy when I need stuffed animals to go with our theme.  They were great to let me borrow all of their Beanie Boos for the day.  I used blue plastic tablecloths, also from Dollar Tree, to make an "ocean."  All of the students got to bring their own stuffed animal for the day.  If needed, their animals could join mine in the ocean for a bit.

Arctic Art:
As you all know from The Day the Crayons Quit, our poor white crayons hardly get used.  So the students were pretty excited when I pulled out simple black paper and snowflake foam glitter stickers from Michaels.  Easy peasy, and they loved it!

Polar Animal Snacks:
No theme day is complete without a fun snack.  I made polar bear marshmallows to go with our hot chocolate.  The students also made polar bear ice cream cups.  Finally, we had blue "icebergs" {aka blue jello} to enjoy.  Thankfully they had Gym class next to run off that sugar!

This was definitely not my last Room Flip.  I'm already working on ideas for one for our Ocean theme and our Farm theme.  Comment and let me know if you you've ever done a Room Flip!  Let's share ideas!

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