Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Math Stations

That Target Dollar Spot just gets me every time!  I found these adorable fox and cupcake erasers not too long ago, and immediately a fun and easy math station came to mind.    Because we work a lot with what makes the number 10, I wanted my sweeties to have some more practice with that.  The students look at the number on the tree, put on that many counters, and write the combination.  The cards can be cut apart and laminated, as shown, so that they can be erased and used again.  Or, you could leave them two per sheet, as printed, and slide them into page protectors.

Just in case you aren't able to find the cute fox erasers, I also included some small wolves to cut out and use.  This pack include the vertical and horizontal 10-frame format.

Although 10-frames are a concept we need to master, some of my Kindergarten students are still working on 1:1 counting.  With this part of the activity, they can do just that.  This would be great for a preschool student, as well.  The students may group them like the first photo, or line them up like the second photo.  I always love seeing how their thinking is processing and how they organize their work.

Click here for the fox/forest counting set.

I created the same identical stations using the cupcake erasers.  They were just too cute to pass up!  But again, I've included some paper cupcakes in case you need them.  

Click here for the cupcake counting set.

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