Friday, July 3, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Make Your Masterpiece

It's Week 3 of this fun challenge, and it was just the kick in the pants that I needed to get this product finished.  This is a Classroom Management system that my co-teacher and I created.  We were looking for something different to use, fun and positive, and with a daily communication for the parents.  This was perfect.  Plus, as a bonus, it taught the student the colors of the rainbow.

So let's jump in…

The recording sheets are completely optional.  Our school likes for us to have something  that goes home each night, so I wanted to make something to accommodate that.  But the system can easily be used without it.

The students each have a number.  I used number stickers from Michael's, cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree, and some wash tape.  This made it easy to make it all coordinate with my classroom colors.

The magnets were made from numbers printed on construction paper, clear stones from the Dollar Tree or glass pieces, clear epoxy glue, and magnets.  I used this Crystal Effects glue from Stampin' Up, but you can use anything that is safe for paper and glass.

The students love putting up their magnet.  It is possible, if needed, for a student to lose a magnet.  So sad…but it does happen!  I do try to jot a quick note on the take-home sheet if a student loses a magnet.   A sample note is included in the packet.

You can find this full system here in my TPT store.  There are blank sheets for every month, in case you teach at a year-round school.  All that's needed are the monthly dates, a folder, and some awesome students.