Monday, July 13, 2015

Farm Animal Signs for a Farm-Themed Classroom

I just decided to switch over my Rainforest classroom to a Farm classroom.  I'm a Texas girl replanted into Michigan, so I guess I love all things country.  So stay-tuned for more pictures of my classroom.  I promise to post as I make the room my own.

Last year, I had Rainforest animal signs for my math and literacy station families.  I decide which students will be in a "family" the first few weeks of school.  Then the families NEVER change.  We don't get to choose our family, but we do have to figure out how to work together.  Kinda sound like real life?   Be sure to choose heterogenous groups according to basic ability.  For instance, if all of the higher levels students are together, then everyone wants to be "in charge."  Nothing will get accomplished except for a lot of arguing.  On the other hand, if the lower level students are all together, then they may struggle with knowing exactly what to do.  So a mixed group is what you want.  It is beautiful and helped the students to be independent.

The signs stay in the same place on the wall all year long.  If you choose to use these for rotating groups, then you just make your names the part that moves.  I PROMISE to post a picture as soon as I get back up to my classroom to snap one.  It will make so much more sense then.

You could also use these for writing prompts, class decor posters, matching the adult to the baby, and much more.  I included the adult animal poster as well as the baby animal…the pictures are the same, just the titles are different.  I included two sizes so that you can best find what meets your needs.  Click the picture to purchase these fun signs.

Again, stay-tuned for more farm classroom fun.  I've got a some great things brewin...

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