Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

It's not always easy for me to open up about my dreams or why I do what I do.  This week's challenge is encouraging me to do just that - reflect and share.  So here goes…

First of all, I love my job and adore the teachers that I work with.  But I find that I rarely get outside of that "bubble" because it's such a great bubble.  I really want to branch out to connect and collaborate with other teachers.  I teach in a Christian school, so I love learning about other school systems and what makes them click.

When I think "what would I do with a little extra cash?" there are a few things that come to mind.  Immediately, I would love to earn some extra money to put back into my blog with a professional design.  Right now, I'm a diy blog designer…and I'm pretty sure it shows.  Ha!  I would also love to get a nice digital camera, since my handy dandy iPhone is all that I ever use.  So much of what we do online depends on great photos.  But my family may all start running away from me since I will always want to take pictures.

Long term goals?  Well we have two beautiful girls, and of course we want to pay for them to go to college.  My husband and I were both blessed to graduate from college with NO STUDENT LOANS! We now realize how fortunate we are for that.  We would love to do the same for our girls and have already started saving.  I want to be able to contribute to that and say, "I did that."  I continually joke with my husband when he talks about saving for college.  I chime in to add "and weddings…"  I'm fairly certain that he has no clue what he is in for.  So maybe my little TPT store could help with that one day, too.

So there you go - that's my dreams in a nutshell.  I'd love to know your dreams, too!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ocean Projects - Makeover Madness

I'm blessed to join a group of teachers all in the same challenge…to improve our TPT products {#TPTSellerChallenge}.  This could not come at a more perfect time, as I had already planned to devote much of my summer free time to this.  Yep - teachers work in the summer, too!

I love challenging my sweet Kinder students.  A fun part of our year is doing these Ocean Reports in the spring.  The students have already done a couple of smaller research-type projects, just to get their feet wet.  Plus, it is great at teaching the standards for Reading for Information.  It's a big day in our classroom!  Here's the scoop:

  • I have a list of Ocean animals up on the board…or sometimes I put them in a bucket and they pull out one.  
  • A list of instructions is sent home with the student.  They usually have 2-3 weeks to finish the project, and I have it as the evening homework once or twice.
  • On the day or the reports, parents are invited to attend the special day.  The students are so proud of their hard work and are ready to share their knowledge with anyone who will listen.  
  • We have a few students share their report, sing a quick Ocean song or say a poem - just to get the wiggles out - and then do some more reports.  It really is a great time.

The packet includes several pictures of sample projects.
Snack ideas for the special day!
Click the picture to view the kit.