Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teacher Week 2014 :: Where Tuesday

I have been teaching for 18 years {gasp! - How did that happen?}, and am blessed to have been in a private/Christian school for all of that.  I started off teaching in Texas where I grew up.  God bless Texas!  But, I have been in Michigan for the last 15 years.  

For me, the biggest adjustment to teaching in Michigan was those ridiculous snow clothes.  I know they are a necessary evil.  But come on, people…have you ever tried to get 16 kids ready to go outside in the snow all by yourself?  The first time I did it, I was a sweaty hot mess by the time it was all said and done.  So of course, I had to come up with a plan and system.  Now we rock it out by the third or fourth day.  Gotta love systems!

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