Sunday, March 23, 2014

Valentine Fun

For so many years, I struggled with finding just the perfect container or "mailbox" for our Valentines cards.  Last year, we just happened to still be in the midst of our Polar Animal theme.  So, after perusing Pinterest, I came up with the perfect box for our Valentines.  They were easy enough to make, so we could do them in class.  All the parents had to supply was an empty cereal box…easy enough!

To make the adorable penguin boxes, here is what you need to do:

  • Cut off the top flaps of the box to leave an opening at the top.
  • Cover the box with black bulletin board paper.  This is a great job for parent volunteers to do at home.
  • Cut the pieces out of black construction paper.  You can either cut them out ahead of time, or provide poster board templates for the students to cut them.
  • If the students want to add a hair bow (girls) or bow tie (boys), they can use their favorite color.  This makes their box just a little bit personal.
  • Have them draw the eyes with a white crayon.
  • Give them orange paper scraps to make their own beaks and feet.  I love how this makes each penguin different.
The patterns are available for free in my TPT store.  Click here for the instructions.

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