Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Assessment Offices

Yep - even in Kindergarten, we do assessments.  Because I want the formal assessments to be a TRUE picture of the student's individual ability, I made these "offices."  The students just love them because it makes them feel so grown up.  When I introduce them, we talk about someone that they know that works in an office or cubicle.  We talk about how things that our office work is not really for everyone to see.  So they pretend to be corporate executives and set up their offices.  Love it!

Here are some questions that I've gotten in the past:

  • What about test anxiety?  I feel that this system eliminates a lot, if not all, of that.  I tell them that this shows me how great I've done as their teacher - putting the pressure all on me.  Plus, who wouldn't want to hide behind a cute office?
  • What are they made of?  These are made from a standard piece of posterboard.  You can order something similar from Really Good Stuff and other school specialty suppliers, but why waste the money?  I cut the posterboard in half, and then fold it into thirds to create the office.  I glued a picture on that went with our classroom western theme to cutesy it up, but you can certainly leave it plain.  I do not put names on them so that I can use them from year to year.  They are laminated for added durability.
  • Does each student have their own?  I have enough for every child, but do not keep track of who gets which one.  It is just one less time-consuming task to do.
  • Where do you store them?  I keep them all together on a shelf, and only get them out when needed.  
Hope you enjoy this little organizational tidbit!

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