Monday, September 2, 2013

Classroom Tour - the beginning stages

We are getting ready to start our third week of school, and I'm finally getting around to taking some pictures of my room.  It is still quite a work in progress, as some areas evolve throughout the year.  Here is a start:

We use the Popcorn Words set by Deanna Jump.  Last year was our first year to try it, and we loved it! Each time I introduce a new word, I write it on the corresponding popcorn kernel.  It is a great resource for the students to use when they need to be reminded how to spell a word.

This is our small group area for my differentiated groups - math and literacy.  The shelves will hold a lot of the supplies that I use during the groups.  The pocket chart on the wall labels one of my "areas," patterned after Kim Adsit's model here.  My four areas are labeled as "Forest Floor, Understory, Canopy, and Emergent" to coordinate with our Rainforest classroom theme.  The family groups are the "Alligators, Boas, Elephants, and Macaws."  

Shelves from Ikea will soon house journals and center supplies for them to use when they are done with their "have to" station.

This is my birthday wall/graph.  Each child has a balloon taped to a curly straw.  It is labeled with their name and birthdate, then put in the correct bag.  We will use this to see who has a special day coming up, as well as to graph birth dates during our calendar time.

Computer station, calendar station, another area, and a window treatment inspired by Pinterest

I love all of my Ikea shelves for supplies.  The cubbies on the bottom of the left shelving unit are used for each table's supplies.  Their crayon bags and coloring books go in the baskets.  Their MOOSE books stand up on the side.  I have a leader at each table that helps to get the supplies whenever they are needed.

Thanks for peeking into my room.  I will blog more when we change/adapt our room to better meet our needs.


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